Art Models 10


Art Models are releasing their tenth book compilation, Art Models 10.

It has a great variety of poses; from classical poses, character & performance oriented poses, dynamic poses, a selection of hand & feet references and portrait shots. After seeing the book, the selection of poses in this collection is inspiring.

There are also some of the poses from the photo shoot I had the opportunity to direct for The Youssef Drawing Syllabus: Movement & Form!

As figurative or character artists, it's essential to study the human figure from life. Nothing replaces that experience. However as access to a studio space with a model can be difficult or not always accessible at every hour of the day, Art Models has provided the absolute best resource I have come across that comes as close to being in a live studio as you can achieve.

Every pose they photograph is available digitally with a full 360 rotation from their custom studio, which is built to photograph the model at every angle so that you can turn the pose around and get a real sense of how it works, recreating the opportunities that only being in a studio space can afford you.

Adding to that, their models are incredible, the photography and lighting is beautiful.

Their latest book offers a great variety and samples of their work, and for the full library, you can visit them on!

- Samantha Youssef
  Artistic Director, Studio Technique

Stockholm, Sweden - 2016

Still globetrotting via Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, London and Stockholm!  There have been lot's of masterclasses focusing on The Youssef Drawing Syllabus: Movement & Form and artistic training taking place. It's been a while since we have shared what has been happening at Studio Technique, but here is a little post of a recent trip!

I have recently returned to Stockholm at King studios.  Had a great time teaching a masterclass there! I also was able to experience their famous forrest!

I also had the opportunity to teach workshops at the local schools and colleges. The students are so passionate and have such a great approach to learning. Here are some pictures of the amazing students at Xenter:

A great treat was joining Johan and Veronica, artists and animators from Cinematic Studios in Stockholm, at the ballet! The theatre was amazing! Stockholm is always a wonderful place to visit!

- Samantha

Bardel Studios

Its been a while since I've posted an update! There has been a lot of travel to go to different studios that have been requesting the Artistic Training Program and masterclasses focusing around the content in The Youssef Drawing Syllabus: Movement & Form. Here are some pictures from Vancouver, Canada.

I had such a great time going to British Columbia to work with the artists at Bardel.  Such a great team of talented people!

While in Vancouver, I got to stay at the lovely at the lovely Granville Island! Here are some pictures from the Vancouver studios:

Afterwards on to Kelowna, with another incredible team from Bardel!

- Samantha

Comic Con with Dr. Sketchy Montreal!

Had a great time teaching the Dynamic Posing Workshop at Comic Con, co-hosted with Dr.Sketchy Montreal!  We drew Catwoman modelled by the amazing Danielle Hubbard! Thank you to everyone who attended and made it a fun event!
- Samantha