Masterclasses and Artistic Training for Feature, Gaming, and VFX Studios

Artistic training is specialized training offered to studios in the animation industry. The training is intensive and designed for professional artists.

The training is designed to develop not only the artistic talent of the artists, but also to help optimize their workflow through strengthening their mastery of the artistic process. We are proud to count among our clients some of the most reputable studios in the world.

Based on our extensive experience training teams from major studios for over 10 years, we offer Artistic Training Packages tailored to the demands of the industry. Each package allows for flexibility and we always look forward to discussing a studios' specific needs and customizing the program.


For both local and international studios we also offer intensive 1 to 5 day Masterclass options.  For local studios, we offer extended Artistic Training packages where we design weekly courses around production schedules spanning over 6 or 12 week options. We recognize that artists need to regularly maintain their training in order to constantly push and keep up with industry standards, while maintaining production deadlines at the studio.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Artistic Training options.