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Samantha Youssef & Studio Technique featured in Chatelaine Magazine

Rock Solid AWESOME!
— Leo S. - Visual Development Artist
It would have taken me years to acquire the formal training I got from just one of the Studio’s classes. Thanks Samantha!
— Egale D. - Illustrator
Sam is an amazing artist, and I love taking her classes because she really inspires me to draw!
— Jackie J. - 3D Animator

“Samantha Youssef has worked at Walt Disney Animation and has learned from some of the best draftsmen in the field. Her extensive knowledge of both animation and drawing and above all her patience and clarity in teaching have made these classes at Studio Technique one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The kind of training and expertise that Samantha passes on to her students isn’t available at any other school. I wish these classes were offered when I went to school and did my training. My learning curve would have been so much more accelerated.”
— Bianca S. - Feature Film Animator
The classes I took at Studio Technique helped me gain a stronger and deeper understanding of animation. They made me discover the joy of 2D animation, and allowed me to push my art to a higher level of quality. On top of being an excellent animator, Samantha Youssef is a very gifted instructor. She is clear, competent and very passionate about her craft, and she is always more than willing to share her knowledge.
— Claire G. - 3D Cinematics Animator

The techniques that I’ve learned with Sam have really helped all aspects of my drawing, not just life drawing. Also, as a character animator I feel the class has opened up my eyes and taught me how to observe life around me to bring to my characters. Thank you Sam!
— Richard W. - Animator
Samantha’s teaching technique is very clear and consistent, beside showing that she is very knowledgeable with a very inspiring attitude. I highly recommend.
— Marcos O. - Animator

Newspaper article, Stockholm, Sweden

I started taking courses at Studio Technique to help fill some gaps in my knowledge and understanding of technical drawing. What I got was this and more. I’ve been learning to realize the human body and its anatomy down to the core, while never losing sight of its beauty and design. Samantha Youssef, the lovely teacher, is constantly generous with her knowledge and experience. Her approach is unique and effective and she is surprisingly attuned to each student, drawing and detail. Her highly trained eyes are a gift to any artist at any level. My only warning to future students: Samantha’s classes are very addictive.
— Madeline R. - Comic Artist
Thanks to your courses on the human figure, I learned how to read the lines of movement and balance in the human body. Learning the articulation of the different parts of the body helped me to better position the characters that I create through my clay sculptures, to bring out balance, movement, life and dynamism. Thank you for this valuable contribution to my work as a portrait sculptor.
— Jean-Pierre B. - Portrait Sculptor

Astral Media Documentary Featuring Samantha Youssef.  Watch it on our Youtube Page!

I learnt more in 10 weeks of Animation 2 at Studio Technique than in years of animation classes at University. Samantha teaches amazing stuff you will not find in any books. Most importantly though, animation has become really fun again.
— Geoff C. - Animation Instructor
I can never thank you enough for everything I learned since I started coming to Studio Technique. The techniques that I learned at the Studio helped evolve my work incredibly, I never cease to put into practice all the advice and information I received at the studio. Thanks to you, I have found precious answers to this lifetime study of art, and the workshops at Studio Technique gave me a new life in this difficult but incredible discipline.
— Camille L. - Artist

My experience at Studio Technique helped me rediscover animation, something that I now really enjoy doing. Samantha is an amazing teacher, who’s generosity and knowledge inspire the will to go beyond what you believed you could. I strongly recommend her lessons to all who are looking for a strong and advanced training. I’m taking Animation 3 without hesitation!
— David V. - Animateur 3D
The Animation 1 course helped me get back to basics, and learn not only the fundamentals of animation, but also effective techniques that I can take to work. The undeniable experience and enthusiasm of Samantha Youssef allows us to progress confidently and quickly. I can now better understand the work of my animation colleagues and can better assist them in their work.
— Carlos V. - Character T.D.

I studied animation at Sheridan College and in comparison, Studio Technique is so much better. They provide you with just the right tools that will make you successful in this business. I learned more in the 10 week then I did in 3 years of study. Samantha Youssef is passing on knowledge that it look me years working in the industry to acquire. Coming into these classes as a professional, there was still an incredible amount of things to learn and Samantha’s keen eye for perfection made this one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
— Bianca S. - Feature Film Animator
I just finished Figure Drawing 1 (moving to Figure Drawing 2) and learned much from it. Samantha has high standards and I found a lot to learn from her technique and way of approaching drawing the human figure. I also appreciated she made the class smaller and could then spend more individual time with each student.
— Guillaume T. - Character Artist

Featured Article on Samantha Youssef & Studio Technique - Sheridan Alumni Success Stories

Taking classes with Samantha Youssef has simply been an amazing experience! Not only is she a passionate and energetic teacher, the content of her classes is simply priceless. Sam’s approaches to Character design, Layout, Animation and Life Drawing changed the way I perceived drawing and gave me the tools I needed to improve on my own as well. They are the first art classes I took that made me finally feel like I was going in a clear and right direction. Thanks to her I was able to develop the skills needed to be accepted into an animation program. Don’t hesitate, trust me =)
— Jean-Samuel R. - Animation Student
Studio Technique offers the best live drawing class in Montreal, I’ve learned more in only 6 sessions than in my 3 years in University. Keep up the great work!
— Omar M. - Senior Animator
Samantha not only taught me traditional time-tested drawing techniques, she taught me a new way of seeing the world around me. The quality of my work increased exponentially as I viewed my surroundings with a more trained eye. Whenever I became frustrated or less than pleased with my inability to “get it right”, she countered it with kindness and good humor. As an instructor, no one could be more patient or more encouraging. Above all, the most valuable thing I left with was the passion she had inspired in me to make those first uncertain scribbles and then to strengthen them into dark bold lines of form. The lessons I’ve learned at Studio Technique helped me to succeed in my goals and deepened my appreciation for the world around me.
— Alex C. - Student of Architecture

My experience at Studio Technique was extremely rewarding. From Anatomy to Character Design, each session was exciting, every new technique and drawing lesson taught by Samantha helped develop my drawing style and my comprehension of design. Thank you Samantha and Studio Technique!
— Simon L. - Artistic Director
Studio Technique’s drawing classes let me learn artistic anatomy in a way that books could not. Working with live models made it easy to see theory in action as they changed posture, shifted their weight, added tension and torsion, amplified lines of action, etc. I could assimilate the importance of gesture and the anatomy landmarks that let us better analyze and understand the human figure. I really enjoyed this learning experience which helps me build better characters every day at work.
— Carlos V. - Character T.D.
I greatly appreciate the courses I took at Studio Technique. I was pleasantly surprised by the progress I accomplished in the 10 week courses. Samantha Youssef is one of those rare teachers that possesses a mastery of technique and is able to transmit that knowledge. The passion she has for her art is strong and contagious. I was equally impressed by the quality of the models employed by the studio. I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that Studio Technique is the best place to do it.
— Antonin M. Artiste - généraliste 3D

No matter if you’re a professional or a student coming out of high school, Samantha Youssef has trained with the best in this field and is passing that knowledge on to us.
— Bianca S. - Feature Film Animator
The experience I had gained at Studio Technique was exactly what I was looking for. Professional, clear and instructional classes that helped me to sharpen my drawing skills. I would recommend these classes to any budding artist or already established professional.
— Allan T. - Animation Director
I have a background in fine-arts, and was at first skeptical about Samantha’s methods, but as soon as I found out that she drew for Disney and especially when I saw her drawing live on front of me, I was humbled and was convinced that I have a lot to learn from her. I have been training at Studio Technique for over 1 year now, and I recommend it to you if you want to improve your subconscious understandings of what you draw.
— Fred N. - Web Developer
We are so lucky to have a place like Studio Technique in Montreal. This is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. Samantha has a great way to transfer information. We can feel her passion. I fell in love with animation, learning and practicing this art.
— William J. College - Animation Instructor
I’ve had the pleasure of taking many classes under Samantha. You can learn a lot from her as she is well-traveled, knowledgeable, and she’s as artsy as she is Hollywood pro. She is also very patient and very giving. If you’re in any of her classes, especially her animation-related ones, you’ll be getting top industry information you won’t be able to get even in books - and she won’t let you live until you can apply it to your own work. If you want to learn how to make real animated cartoons like the ones you grew up with, or even if you just want to improve your drawing skills, this studio is one of your best bets. Don’t pass it up!
— Raphael R. - Cartoon Animator

Having been working in broadcast industry for 15 years as a motion graphic 3D animator, I decided to go back school to explore more about 3D last year. The most fortunate experience from this study is taking Samantha’s drawing 2 class, it opens another door for me to experience the animation world, I feel very lucky having Samantha to bring me to her drawing world when I started learning to draw. I wish all the best to Studio Technique and thank for Samantha for loving to share her art world with us.
— Mei F. - Motion Graphic 3D Artist
Samantha Youssef is a great artist and coach who brings depth and sensitivity to practical matters. She can bring to any project a sense of audacity and beauty that has no price. I’ve learned more in the last 8 months at Studio technique than I did 2 years in college. It has been great experience learning new skills and competencies at Studio technique.
— Sanchirmaa P. - Animation Student

10++! The masterclass was totally brilliant and great! I’ve learned a lot and it was so much fun. Thank you so much! I was so inspired. Can’t wait to animate!
— Cajsa S. - Animation Student
The Masterclass was really cool and I’ve learned so much. Samantha really shined. I wish I’ll get to her level some day, she’s an excellent tutor.
— Joakim Sjöö - Animator and graphic artist
Samantha has been amazing and humble - Really appreciated her masterclass!
— Angelica J. - Artist