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The Youssef Drawing Syllabus


Samantha's uniquely designed Figure Drawing series, combines her experience from 2D feature animation, academic drawing, and classical ballet.  The program progresses from gesture and movement, to structure and form.

This program not only helps develop aesthetic finishing techniques, but most importantly helps the artist to extrapolate information about the functions and physics of a pose, and the mechanics of the anatomy. It trains the artists' eye to be able to better analyze references from life, and to expand their visual library.

This program has yielded successful results in developing the skills of both the professional and amateur artist.

Figure Drawing 1: Movement & Form

This course focuses on gesture drawing and bringing life to the figure. It is the first course in the figure drawing series. Emphasis is placed on pose analysis and body mechanics. This course approaches gesture drawing with purpose, and how to analyze forces in the body. The course goes on to understand the use of forms and volumes of the figure, bringing attention to design, shapes, and volumes based on anatomical landmarks.

* Course prerequisites: comfortable understanding of fundamental perspective drawing. Studio Technique offers a perspective tutorial that can provide the foundation needed to take this course.

10 weeks, 3 hours/week.  Location: Online.

$850 USD

Figure Drawing 2: Anatomy

This course provides an in depth analysis of the skeletal and muscular systems of the human form. It is an anatomy course for the artist, focusing on the superficial muscles, but also understanding the mechanics of the sub layers. The design of this course is to understand function as well as form and it’s application to figure drawing.


* Course prerequisites: Drawing: Movement & Form

10 weeks, 3 hours/week.  Location: Online.

$850 USD

Figure Drawing 3: Portfolio

This course accumulates all the knowledge acquired in the previous levels and brings it together to create more finished drawings. Emphasis is placed on intent, storytelling, quality of line and developed graphic techniques.


* Course prerequisites: Drawing: Movement & Form, Drawing: Anatomy


10 weeks, 3 hours/week.  Location: Online.

$850 USD