Animation Talk at ECS

Such a great morning visiting Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School for Girls. I was so happy to visit and be able to share something I love with wonderful students! Thank you ECS for inviting me!

Hand Drawn Animation Keynote at the Phi Centre Montreal

Had a wonderful time sharing insight into the world of hand drawn feature animation at the Phi Centre! Wrapped up the presentation with a little demo and got people to try out animation drawing as well! Thank you everyone who attended!

Comic Con 2018 - Dynamic Posing Workshop - Studio Technique & Dr.Sketchy Montreal

Comic Con 2018 was another fun and fantastic workshop with the Dr. Sketchy Montreal team! Thank you to our amazing Poison Ivy model, Elle Diabloe!

Congratulations to the winners of the Dr. Sketchy Montreal contests! Thank you everyone for attending! I hope it was informative, inspiring and fun!

- Samantha

Drawing Workshop at Comicon!

Looking forward to another year at Comicon! Hope to see you there! We will have the lovely character and burlesque performer, El Diablo, as Poison Ivy!

As well, The Youssef Drawing Syllabus: Movement & Form will be available for purchase and book signing.**

**Please bring cash for book purchases, as the wifi reception for online transactions has been inconsistent in the past. We will try, but we have found the conference centre panel areas to have bad reception.

Samantha Youssef and Crafting Imagination

Van Houtte shared the written interview! Thank you everyone for all your amazing support around this opportunity! You can see it via the link below:

Van Houtte presents Making Life a Masterpiece: Samantha Youssef

So excited to have been a part of this and to finally share it with all of you! This was such an honour to be featured in such a nice way for the Van Houtte campaign.
- Samantha Youssef

Making Life a Masterpiece is a series by Van Houtte telling the stories of inspirational people who are not only masters of their craft, but making a difference in their community. They make life a masterpiece through their expertise and exceptional passion - just like our inspiration, Albert-Louis Van Houtte.